New Liskeard VOICE Lessons

Steve Benoit

Robyn Dewar is our New Liskeard voice teacher offering voice lessons for students of all ages and abilities. Our vocal lessons offer a fun approach to music where students learn to play chords and their favorite songs. Learning to sing is a wonderful social skill that offers many students opportunities to sing in choirs and groups. Robyn has had a very successful year as a voice teacher for us and her studio is filling up quickly. We start voice lessons at any age from age 7 onwards. We also offer New Liskeard voice lessons for adults. Our private voice lessons are one-on-one instruction and lesson lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.


We offer in school guitar lessons at the following New Liskeard Schools and locations with our voice teacher Steven Benoit:


New Liskeard Public School

English Central Catholic School

Ecole Catholique Saint-Michel

Ecole Publique des Navigateurs


After school voice lessons are held at our New Liskeard location at 11 Riverside Drive.


We offer 2 rate programs for our New Liskeard voice lessons. We offer an a la carte rate in which you are billed on a per lesson basis. We also offer a monthly rate that is more affordable for most clients. For more information on our New Liskeard voice lesson rates click here.


In school and after school guitar lessons follow the Northern Conservatory of Music calendar and policies.