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Piano - Violin - Viola

'The joy of creating and playing something you've made is one of the most rewarding experiences.' - Gizelle

Teaching Philosophy

Music has been part of my therapeutic healing process as a person and it is such a significant part of life that is more than just surviving in a harsh world. It's also about feeding the matter of your heart and healing your soul from hardship through that love. Music gives you the freedom to be the person you want to be.
In performance, its about understanding the essence of each piece you play and communicating with the composers as if you can feel one's expression or emotions.

The joy of creating and playing something you've made is one of the most rewarding experience to nourish, cherish and remember why you began to love music. It helps students who have been under stress, depression and anxiety, due to lack of support and understanding of personal interests. Every person, especially students in the ASD (autism spectrum disorder), have the right and passion to create something they never expected.


I have attended the following Post Secondary Institutes earning the diploma and certificate
1. Douglas College- University Transfer Music Diploma
2. Vancouver Community College - Bachelor's Degree of Applied Music
I have my BA in Music composition from Vancouver Community College, which included performance classes, as well as music history, conducting, kodaly methods and ear training.

I began to study violin as my primary instrument, privately at the age of 10 under Pavel Chiriac. During my post-secondary education, I studied under Salva Barrale, Angela Cavadas and Marc Destrube. They were all classical trained. I studied in beginners Piano class, as well as music theory under Laurie McArthur at the British Columbia Conservatory of Music, who helped me discover my passion in music composition

Teaching & Skills

RCM certificates: Grade 3-8 violin and Beginner- intermediate music rudiments
Beginner piano-private study

I run a non-profit organization for queer and autistic community called the Autistiqueers where we have discussions from sharing personal diagnosis stories to struggles in an Autistic adulthood

Awards, Honors & Experiences

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