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M.Mus, B.Mus


Voice - Piano - Ukulele

'In every lesson, my goal is to inspire the student and to guide them towards something that they themselves will discover.'

Teaching Philosophy

Music has always been such an important part of my life and the driving force behind my lessons is to discover what each student needs and desires out of music. For beginners, my aim is to encourage all sorts of discovery and not to push anyone down one single path. I believe firmly in learning proper technique, however the level and degree of emphasis on technique will vary based on the goals of each student. For those who are very serious about pursuing music, I can provide a very good set of ears and strict guidance towards excellence in performance. No matter the level sought, music must be enjoyed and always inspired. In every lesson my goal is to inspire the student and to guide them towards something that they themselves will discover. It is important to me that anyone, student or not, who comes to me in the musical or personal realm, feels that they have gained something positive from their experience with me. I always look forward to meeting new students and fellow musicians, and to continue on the exciting journeys of my existing students as they grow and help me grow as an educator and performer.


2016-2018 - Young Artist in Residence at the Opera de Montreal/ 2015 Masters in Music, University of British Columbia/ 2013 Bachelor of Music, University of British Columbia/ 2010 Diploma in Music, Kwantlen Polytechnic University/ 2008 Grade 10 RCM in piano/ 2001-2009 Langley Ukulele Ensemble

Teaching & Skills

I have been teaching music for the past 13 years. My very first experience was co-directing elementary school-level ukulele ensembles during highschool. This taught me much about differentiated learning, classroom management and the joy of sharing music with student's and mentoring younger musicians. I directed for 4 years and during that time began my very first piano studio in 2008. I soon began to love teaching one-on-one as I was able to focus on each students individual needs and goals. After I finished my Masters degree, I began teaching voice. With the new instrument came new challenges and opportunities for me to grow as a teacher. I have taught in both the greater Vancouver and greater Montreal areas, offering classes in English, Spanish, and French. Languages are a passion of mine, second to music and I love the combination of both in art. I have had the chance to learn from and observe many great educators from a young age - and I continue to do so with any new training I receive. I believe that my approach is organic and based on discovering the needs and interests of each student. No two lessons are the same and I am always ready for surprises and discovery.

Awards, Honors & Experiences

2018 Top 25 Music Alumni, Kwantlen Polytechnic University/ 2015 Vancouver Opera Guild Career Development Grant/ 2014 Second Place, Richard Strauss Anniversary Competition/ 2013 First Place, Canadian National Music Festival