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M.Mus, B.Mus

English - French

Piano - Organ - Violin - Pipe Organ

Teaching music is a rich experience for both the student and the teacher.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching music is a rich experience for both the student and the teacher. Being an art with many dimensions – including artistic, leisure, spiritual and even physical stamina and strength – teaching music means sharing and encouraging students to explore these different dimensions. While technicality is important, it is far from being the ultimate goal of making music; what the ear hears is what matters the most. As a teacher, I aim not only to develop students’ aural capacities, but also to help them understand that music starts as a gesture, that sound is intimately connected to the mouvement of the body. Through a holistic approach, my lessons include learning technique, exploring improvisation, working on sight-reading and discovering harmony. Lessons materials are chosen and adapted through an open dialogue with each student (and parents, too) so as to find the best learning situation for each student. In this way, students and teacher work together, discovering and creating the beauty of music.


Early on, my musical experiences included learning several instruments and participating in numerous ensembles (marching band, orchestras and other formations), I professionally went into pipe organ, earning first prizes in organ interpretation, harmony and analysis from the Music conservatories of Paris and Boulogne-Billancourt in France. My musical culture was also enriched by a Master’s degree in musicology from the Sorbonne University in Paris where I did research on musical narrativity. Other educational experiences include studying composition, harmony and improvisation with illustrious masters in France.

Teaching & Skills

Professional experiences have included teaching piano, organ and beginning violin, directing semi-professional choirs, serving as music director in a religious context, performing medieval works as a vocalist and performing concerts across Europe and North America. Since arriving in Québec, I have served as organist in residence in Val d’Or and teacher for the Northern Music Conservatory in north-eastern Ontario.

Awards, Honors & Experiences

Many awards over time and my professional experience speaks for itself.