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B. Mus

English - French - Spanish

Guitar - Electric Guitar - Piano

'With joy, fun, patience and practice we will make it easier to play the songs we like the most.'

Teaching Philosophy

When you first begin to hear music and you feel that a part of you feels more alive than ever every time your favorite music plays, then we discover that music is a language beyond any barrier, that everybody can understand and that we can even hear in nature when a bird sings as an exemple. Music is the most perfect language that comes from the heart and wraps us up in its perfection. When we realize we can be a part of the world of music and share it with friends, learn from the music itself, and find in music the best friend, we are able to grow up and develop in a safer world. Music is a companion, a friend, a teacher and a way of expressing one self until you get to master the art and develop skills all along the way. Everybody that is interested in learning are welcome to join a class, and with joy, fun, patience and practice we will make it easier to play the songs we like the most. Depending on the student level, we will be learning from the very beginning where we must teach our body to recognize the instrument, to develop a few techniques that will make it easier when we are looking to express ourselves or playing along. Music is the best playground that feeds our beings and nurture our souls!


I have attended the Catholic University Cecilia Acosta in Maracaibo, Venezuela; where I have obtained a Bachelor's degree in Music. I've also taken additional private classes with different remarkable professors.

Teaching & Skills

Since I was a child, I've always been deeply captivated by music. By listening to all kinds of music I learnt as much as if I were reading books. I started playing guitar at the age of 15 and after finishing my high school in sciences, I started to study music in the university. My goal was to compose and write my own music, which I have already done at the present and it fulfills me to my core, and I still do it constantly. Among my teachers, there is my composition teacher that graduated in Ukraine and also my guitar teacher who is currently a professor at the Yamaha Music School in Spain. These great minds kept me learning while I couldn't stop craving for it. I started playing piano when I entered university and it has been incredible to write music for such an amazing instrument. While writing my current album, I have also learnt to produce my own music and work on my own studio as a sound engineer. I obtained an online diploma certified by Austin Peay State University as a sound engineer, which I did at the time when writing my music and having already learnt a big part of the puzzle, which also completes my understanding when dealing with sound waves. I consider music to be a constant growing up, full of practice, emotions and thoughts of light.

Awards, Honors & Experiences

I received a distinction grade music diploma certified by Austin Peay State University.

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