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Piano - Voice - Violin - Recorder - Singing

'Music is fundamental to my being, and I believe that it is integral to the education of any person.' - Varya

Teaching Philosophy

Music is fundamental to my being, and I believe that it is integral to the education of any person. We all have rhythm and sound as a core part of our body, from the heartbeat to the sound of breath, and formal training in music is only an expansion of what already exists in every person. The body of a musician requires as much detailed physical analysis and focus as that of an elite athlete; all of my lessons begin with physical warm-ups to support the specific musculature required in the development of each instrument. Joy and play are essential elements of successful learning at any age, and I make certain that students learn without a lot of undue stress and anxiety. Adult students can expect the same support and respect as the youngest child. Without joy, there is no music, and without music, there is no joy.


I have an honours BA in theatre from York University, which included performance classes in voice and renaissance music. I studied both piano and violin privately from the age of six until the age of eighteen. My teachers were classically trained my violin teacher was a student of Galamian, and the training I underwent was rigorous and detailed. My piano teacher was trained in England, and was likewise detail oriented with exceptionally high standards. I trained vocally with a classical Russian teacher for several years, in addition to my experience in the Canadian Childrens Opera Chorus and Mendelssohn Youth Choir in Toronto. Both choirs entailed professional performances, including singing with the Canadian Opera Company, National Ballet of Canada and Ann Murray and recording for CBC broadcasts.

Teaching & Skills

I spent my childhood watching my mother teach violin in the living room. She is an impeccable teacher with over 40 years experience as a professional violinist and a dedicated educator. My training was primarily at home, and as such, functions at a deep and natural level within me. I have also worked extensively as a performing sound designer for theatre. These experiences have enriched me both as composer and teacher, since teaching music to actors is not so different from teaching it to children!

Awards, Honors & Experiences

My accolades as a performer include too many first place awards in various Kiwanis and Lions music festivals to count