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Looking ahead to the future (2022)


The pandemic continues and despite vaccinations and other hopeful developments it is likely that social distancing measures will continue into the new school year.  We however have been successful at providing service via Zoom and our clients are happy with the new service.  No longer locked into what's around NCM students can have the very best teachers with the schedule that they need.

1. It is unlikely that we will return to teaching in the unventilated  piano closets of the public schools in September of 2021.  We have been grateful for the space in the past but as an employer, a service provider and a partner of the schools it is simply not a good risk and will most likely will not be permitted. We stand in firm and full support with the school districts for the responsible and practical decisions made so far even if initially it caused us to lose revenues.

2. The Zoom video conferencing platform with the audio settings correctly configured can provide a realistic enough presence to have effective teaching. In certain ways it can actually increase concentration in a one on one setting. Plus our students can enjoy teachers from all over Canada.  Accordion? No problem. 4:30 after school on Tuesdays.  No problem.  We can do all of this now.  Our students and parents can have exactly what they need.

3. It is our belief that the transition to this model was not created by COVID but accelerated.  We are grateful for the challenges it has presented us and for the work on the part of our teachers and clients to overcome these challenges.

While this is not a situation I would ever have asked for,  I can say with certainty that this is the teaching team that Northern Ontario deserves. We are ready to meet the challenge.

I am excited to tell you about the possibilities.


Neal Bennett 
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