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Elevating Our Service: Delivering Excellence via Accomplished Teachers (2023)


Post pandemic we've discovered resilience and benefit in unexpected quarters, with one of the most transformative changes being our successful transition to online learning through platforms like Zoom and Teams. This shift has catered to our community's pressing needs and, importantly, has set a new standard for the quality of education we aspire to offer.

Our students are no longer bound by their local vicinity - they are now connected to an exciting world of stellar educators across the nation, bringing diverse expertise and inspiring accomplishments right into their homes.

  • With the changing times, the prospect of returning to confined, unventilated piano cubicles in public schools seems increasingly remote and, arguably, less appealing. While we once valued these spaces, our topmost priority as an education provider is the safety and well-being of our teachers and students. In line with this, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our school districts in making responsible decisions.  Additionally the assignation of these limited resources, typically a broken down piano and a closet or hallway, caused stress and challenges for school administrations. Also it is a nuisance for a classroom teacher to have to excuse members and readmit them as lessons progress.  

  • Teams based online teaching doesn't merely offer a safe environment; it ushers in a dynamic, high-quality learning experience. The platform offers a sense of proximity and even improves focus in a one-on-one setting. More significantly, our learners now have an expanded horizon of opportunities: Imagine learning from a seasoned accordion teacher with a Master's degree, or being mentored by a musician who has performed at prestigious venues worldwide. Perhaps, your preference is a Tuesday slot at 4:30 pm? All of this is now within your grasp. We are no longer limited by geography; we're empowered by technology, bringing the specific needs and schedules of our students and parents to the forefront of our service.


  • Although the pandemic hastened our transition to online teaching only, we see this shift as a welcome evolution, not a mere circumstantial change. It's allowed us to redefine our teacher base, moving from reliance on local availability to a focus on quality, passion, and colleagues with inspiring qualifications.


This unexpected path has steeled our commitment to delivering the calibre of teaching that Northern Ontario rightly deserves. We're not just adapting to the times, we're harnessing them to deliver an enriched learning experience.

As we journey further into this promising landscape, I'm thrilled to explore and share the boundless possibilities it promises.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates.



Neal Bennett 
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