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NCM Music Teachers 2022/2023


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Aleks Hara


B.A. Honours Music

Drums - Drumset

Music is here to make us healthy, smart, creative, innovative, curious, interesting, and overall well-rounded individuals.

Casey Granofsky


M.Mus, B.Mus

Flute - Piccolo - Recorder

'To learn the flute takes lots of time, patience, and hard work, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy every minute of it.' - Casey

Keith Walton


DMA, M.Mus, B.Mus

Tuba - Baritone - Euphonium - French Horn - Trombone - Trumpet - Electric Bass - Piano - Double Bass - Music Theory

'I aim to give my students their own personal goals, and showing them how to achieve them.' - Keith

Louise Campbell


M.Mus, B.Mus

Clarinet - Bass Clarinet

'I constantly aspire to communicate, patience and a love of music. It is key that students learn and understand through doing.' - Louise

Oleg Larshin


Artist Diploma


'I’m able to transmit my knowledge effectively to students of all ages and help them progress rapidly in their playing.'

Anita Eccelston



Trumpet - Baritone-Euphonium - Jazz Improvisation - French Horn - Tuba - Ukulele

'Music is a lasting gift you can give yourself or your child.' - Anita

Dan Robidoux


B.Mus, B.A.

Piano - Voice - Singer Songwriter

We learn at YOUR pace, not mine, and we'll have a lot of fun along the way.

Kyle Hawkes


M.Mus, B.Mus

Classical Guitar - Electric Bass - Electric Guitar - Mandolin - Ukulele

' believe music can enrich anyone's life, no matter what their musical goals may be.' - Kyle

Nawfel Dijari



Violin - Viola - Cello - Double Bass - Piano - Guitar

'Music is not about how fast or slow you can play a piece, but the value it brings to you, and the audience you perform for.'

Shiori Kobayashi


M.Mus, B.Mus

Piano - Clarinet - Bass Clarinet - Flute - Recorder - Saxophone

'I believe learning music not only fulfills people with joy but also helps build self-confident, self-esteem, and self-expression.' - Shiori

Ben Louersheimer


DMA, M.Mus, B.Mus


'I believe that music is an inherent ability that is best encouraged with a flexible approach.' - Ben

Jennifer Heddican


B. Mus

Violin - Piano

I aim to give students a foundation so that they may bring their skills to any platform they choose such as an orchestra, a school concert or an at home concert for mom and dad.

Leanna Rose Bombarda

Leanna Rose

B.Mus (in Progress), RCM 10, ARCT in progress


'I am a firm believer in providing fun enjoyable lessons.'

Nicolas Marriot



Electric Guitar - Guitar

'It's very important that the student enjoys or has a connection to the pieces they play.'

Sydney Andrews-Finn


Artist Diploma

Bassoon - Piano

My goal as a artist and music teacher is to be able to show my students the beauty of music and all of the many attributes that are connected to the pursuit of a musical and instrumental education.

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