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Leanna Rose

B.Mus (in Progress), RCM 10, ARCT in progress



'I am a firm believer in providing fun enjoyable lessons.'

Teaching Philosophy

Music holds a significant position within our society. It serves as a foundation within relationships, connecting individuals from all over the world. Additionally, music can create identity, inspire, and establish a sense of belonging within people, helping them develop as their own person. As a music educator and instructor, I value helping others, most importantly my students develop their identities through the love of music. I firmly believe in music's ability to create positive change in the world and this is something I try to implement in my teaching to not only help my students grow as musicians, but as their own individual. As each student learns differently and eventually develops their own personalized connection with music, I foster individuality within my lessons, creating personalized lessons for each individual student based on their interests and learning style. I am a firm believer in providing fun enjoyable lessons, while still being educational and promote both musical and technical growth.


I have had 16 years of piano performance experience, beginning as young as the age of four. Throughout the years, I was classically trained in piano performance, and rigorously completed all the necessary RCM practical and theoretical requirements from basic to advanced rudiments and levels, between the ages of 11 to 16 years old. In 2016 I completed my RCM level 10 in piano performance with first class honors. Additionally, I am continuing my studies, specializing in music education as I am presently studying at the University of Calgary majoring in the Bachelors of Music (BMus) program combined with the Bachelors of Education (BEd) program (2020-2022.) I am also currently in progress of achieving my RCM ARCT diploma in piano performance along with completing my degrees in music and education.

Teaching & Skills

In addition to being a music teacher, I am very active within the music community. In 2021, I had the privilege of serving as a music juror/judge for a piano competition, evaluating students performances from level 2 RCM to level 10 RCM. I additionally helped arrange this music competition, under my previous piano teachers studio along with my fellow peers who are also active musicians, and have also arranged several musical recitals as well. Throughout the years I have served as a performer within choirs and band ensembles as well as an accompanist from as young as the age of 13. Below I've included my RCM certifications: -Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) piano and theory teacher -Completed RCM piano levels 1-10, in current progress of level ARCT -Completed RCM theory rudiment levels beginner, intermediate, & advanced -Completed RCM harmony levels 9,10, & ARCT -Completed RCM history levels 9, 10 -Completed RCM ARCT Analysis (Associate of the Royal Conservatory)

Awards, Honors & Experiences

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